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  • Application
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  • Cloud Technology
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  • Gaming World
  • Internet Things
  • Laptop
  • Mobile App
  • News
  • Science World
  • Smart World
  • Technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Antivirus
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Submission Guidelines

  • All the content should be 100% original, unique, interesting and should pass the Copyscape premium test.
  • You must properly structure the article by adding headings, sub-headings, titles, bullet points so that it can become readable instead of lengthy and unreadable paragraphs only.
  • The language of the articles submitted must be English only as we don’t support any other language.
  • Your submission will be approved in 3 days and will be published in 7 days
  • All the contents should be of minimum 800 words while the preferred size of contents is 2000+ words.
  • The contents which are submitted according to the guidelines of Triptattle will be published first and will also be given preference. So if you want your content to be published as soon as possible, then follow the Triptattle Submission Guidelines.
  • Adding image is not compulsory but it will give uniqueness and better look to your content, so if you have an image, you can send it within the content at your desired location.
  • Don’t violate the copyright laws and give credit to the image which you are submitting if required.
  • Once, your content will be published on our website then you will not be allowed to publish that content elsewhere.
  • We also reserve the right to make minor changes to your article if required.
  • Don‘t forget to include the author bio which should be not more than 60 words. You can add backlink to your own website or blog in the author bio.
  • You can add maximum of 2 backlinks in the article, one can be a referral link and another can be of your own website or blog.

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