What are the Reasons behind Video Games Addiction?

What we’ll say when we talk about video games? Well, in the present scenario where the technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the games are gaining a good impetus. No matter, whether kids, youngsters or even elderly people, all are addicted by the charm of the game. Video games have been in existence over the course of the time now and they are one of the largest sources of entertainment around us. To know more about this better, let us take a close view of the various types of games and their negative and positive effects as well.

Types of Video Games

There are available various kinds of video games and have different skill sets, with different stages and time limitations as well, some are basic while others are too advanced. Let us take a look of a few of them-

Casual Games- These games have smaller duration of time and are often easy to play. They don’t require any advanced software or system.

Online Gaming- These games have easy accessibility and can be played on any browser. Thus online gaming is more popular since it can attract a larger audience, involves strategy and role plays. In order to play these games, you don’t need any specific operating system and they are more often played by gaming enthusiasts.

Games on Social Network- Social network games are very common these days which are played with the help of social networking sites in order to access the users.

Video Console Games– These types of games come naturally to kids. These are not to be taught to them and they can easily learn the way it is played as they keep playing and it brings with it its own effects, some are positive, while others have a negative impact on the health as well as the overall well-being. Let us look at the positive and negative sides-

Positive Effects

  • It is believed that playing video games improves one’s intellect at the same time it improves hand eye management as well.
  • The gamers become more powerful to face extreme situations later in life as the skill sets of each level have complexities and have to maintain the flow in order to play the game.

Negative Effects

  • It is more addictive and kids give it utmost importance.
  • Kid’s studies get affected and they spend more time on playing games.
  • Few games are detrimental and get violent in order to defeat the opponent and win it. The player may get arrogant in nature and practice the same in the real life as well.
  • Kids don’t go out for outdoor games thus, their physical activity gets reduced.

Even though video games are more interesting and user-friendly gadgets for people of all ages, yet if proper care is not given it can be dangerous for the brain and health. So, it is important that these are to be enjoyed for a stipulated time and are played under proper guidance.

Video games are more fascinating games to be played by people of all age groups. There are various reasons behind the popularity of these games. But there are positive and negative sides as well that should be taken into consideration while playing these games.

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