The wiggly robotic fish will enhance marine research

Those days are gone when robots were a part of Hollywood sci-fi movies only. Now there are various fields in which robots are working and slowly they will become a part of our daily life. In addition to enhancing the quality and speed of work, robots are also taking on the dangerous jobs which were earlier appointed to humans by risking their lives.

Till now, various types of robots have been introduced in the market, from burger flipping robot to cleaning robot, from robots helping children and old age to Rubik’s cube solving robot but now a new robot has entered into the market through the deep trenches of the sea. Yes, we are talking about a new fish robot Sofi which is a short form of Soft Robotic Fish.

The new robotic fish Sofi has been developed by the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The highly advance Sofi is a soft-bodied robot that glides through the water with a smooth and undulating motion which have been specially designed to mimic the movement of a fish.

You should know that this is one of the first robotic fish which is designed to easily cope with the current and pressure of an actual ocean.

Sofi can easily navigate a coral riff off Fiji in three dimensions by swimming up, down, left, right and forward. All these things are controlled by a controller in the hands of a diver which looks like a Nintendo game console. The advance and modified gamepad can control the robotic fish and it can be operated 50 feet away from the gamepad. Ultrasonic signals are used to control the robotic fish.  It has been said in a report that the robot can swim up to 60 feet and can also swim alongside with other fishes without disturbing them.

The director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, Daniela Rus said that “For us, this fish is magical, We imagine someday it might help us uncover more mysteries from the amazing underwater world that we know so little about”. Daniela Rus led the team behind Sofi.

The robotic fish swims underwater by undulating its tale and the amazing thing is that it controls its own buoyancy which allows it to be operated at different depths. The dexterity of the fish allows it swim under corol.

Talking about the looks of this robust fish, it is a foot and half long with a weight of only 3.5 pounds. It has a Linux pc which is located in its head with other electronics. The urethane foam chambers inside the robotic fish offer it buoyancy and the flexible tail has been built with silicon elastomer which is moved by a hydraulic pump.

So, those days are not far when you will see hundreds of robotic fishes swimming in the ocean while monitoring environment, tracking pollution and checking the health under water.

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