If you have an Android phone then you must-have these apps

If you are having an Android phone, then you get the options of numerous apps to choose from. From guitar tuning apps to online payments apps, from scanning apps to flight booking apps, from daily quotes apps to cooking apps, there is an app for everything you need.

But there are some apps which can be considered a must-have for Android users because without them, you might feel the lack. Therefore, here, we will look at the top must-have apps for your Android phone.

Avast mobile security and antivirus

Even before searching for any messaging or social media app, the first thing which you will need to install on your mobile phone is an antivirus app and what can be better than the advanced Avast mobile security and antivirus app. It is one of the most popular and top rated apps available in the market and the best thing about it is its free.

ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer is another must-have app for your Android Phone. This app helps you to manage your files and folders with ease and effectiveness. It can be used for both local and networked users. The very popular app has almost 500 million users on the worldwide basis and it’s all because of it’s easy to use functions which allow you to manage your file and folders on your phone with ease.


It is the most powerful and easily customizable apps for your keyboard. It is a free app, but if you wish then you can purchase the different themes which can make your keyboard look cool and stylish. It supports multiple languages, cross-device syncing of your library, gesture typing and much more. So, if you want to enhance the keyboard of your mobile then there is nothing better than Swiftkey.


If you want to customize the most basic functions your mobile then Zedge is the app which you are looking for. It has a great collection of wallpapers, ringtones, alarm tones, notification tone and much more. No any other app on the Google Play has a better option of wallpapers and ringtones than Zedge with categories for every choice and collections for everyone.


Although there are numerous weather apps on the Google Play store, there is no match for AccuWeather. As the name suggests, this app gives you the most accurate weather information, based on your location. This weather app offers you all the functions of a weather app like wind speed, hourly forecast, current weather, etc.


This is a photo editing app which has almost two million unique combinations of effects, overlays, and filters. With this app, you can do all the things which you wished to do with a photo editing app like creating collages, editing photos, make an image look like pencil drawing, remove dark circles from your photo and much more.

If you have an Android phone and don’t have these apps, then go to Google Play store and install these apps as soon as possible because these apps are like a lifeline of Android phone users and without them, you will feel something missing.

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