How to stay safe on Facebook?

The number of monthly active users on Facebooks has reached to a whooping number of 2.2 billion and with 159.97 million monthly unique users, Facebook stands as the leader in the most used social media platform ranking.

With so many users and popularity, it is surely a big point of attraction for hacker and other cyber-attacks as well. Although, Facebook has many different security and safety features to stop any cyber-attack or avoid any security mishap, if something is on the internet then it can’t be 100% safe. That’s why even with highly advanced security features on Facebook, you can follow the below-mentioned tips for making your account on Facebook, much more secure.

Select your friends wisely and live well

Having lots of friends on Facebook always feels good. With the increasing list of friends, the likes and comments on your posts, pics, and videos increase. But you should know that making a judgement on someone by looking at their profile is completely different from what you see in person. So you don’t need to accept each and every friend request as it can lead to making you vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hackers. You can also control the setting that who can send you a friend request.

Don’t allow your profile to be publicly visible

Imagine you meet a stranger in a café and then you start telling them everything about you. Doesn’t it sound strange? Yes, then why you will want to do the same with your Facebook Profile. You can make your profile to be visible by your friends only by going through the following instructions:-

  • Click on the cog icon and then choose Privacy Setting from the drop-down list.
  • Then select Privacy
  • In the Privacy setting, there will be an option of ‘Who can see my stuff?’
  • You will have options of Public, Friends, Only you and Custom
  • You should Friends and then click on Save changes
Avoid posting any contact information on your profile

Adding information about you on your profile makes it look more authentic but you should never make your mobile number or email id to be visible on your profile. If your mobile number or email id is visible on your profile then a hacker can misuse it or can use it for spamming. And it is best to not allow even your friends to see this information.

 Choose a strong password

Setting a strong password is one of the most important steps towards making your profile completely secured. You should never use common passwords like 1234, your date of birth, your mobile number. Always use a combination of special character, upper case, lower case letter, and numbers. It will make your password stronger for hackers; it will become difficult to breach.

Setup login information

You can get alerts from Facebook every time when someone accesses your profile through an unknown device or network. It will allow you to know that someone has gained unauthorized access to your profile and you can take immediate action against it.

Social media is a great place for people to interact, share and explore but you should be aware of the safety and security issues related with various social media sites. That’s why, even after multiple layers of security implemented by the platform, you should follow the above-mentioned tricks in order to be 360 degree secured.

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